Born in Kyoto, Japan.

1969    Visited in Norway.

1973    Studied in Design department at Osaka 

 University of Arts.

1978    Studied in Pratt institute  in New York , USA

1980    Lived in the United States.

1982    Studied ‘Environmental Sculpture’ 

 in Vancouver.

1989    Studied Environmental Art in Ghana.

1995    Studied in Belgium with the subsidy by 

 the government. Studied in Frans Masereel Center.

2001    Studied Art Design at Finland , Belgium.

2004    Studied in Nederland.

2005    Studied in Sweden with the subsidy by 

 the government. Invited from Sweden and Denmark.


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Public Collections

British Museum

Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp

Gubin Museum

Frans Masereel Center

Lodzi Museum of Art

Caja De Asturas

Budapest Museum

Museum of Contemporary Art, Gent

Glasbarn Museum

Royal Museum of Fine Arts of Belgium

 Krakau Museum


Kyoto Prefectural Office


K.B.S.Kyoto Broadcasting System(Kinki Broadcasting)

Paper Museum

National Cancer Center(Yamagata, Aichi, Gifu, Kyoto, Osaka)

Stiftelsen Foerenings spa Banken

Polaroid Japan company


MEIKO Corporation

Meidanesk National Museum

Lezino Clouer

Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp

Seoul Museum of Art 

Seoul Contemporary Art Museum


F.M.C. Atrs Museum

Kyoto Culture & Arts Museum

ELASTEC Corporation

Kyoto saga university of arts , Kyoto

The National Museum of Art, Osaka

Seibu Museum of Art

Osaka Contemporary Art Center

The Museum of Kyoto


Kyoto Prefectural Center for Arts&Culture

Kinki V.S

Aichi Children's Center

Kitar Museum

Washi no Sato Museum

Bora°s museum

A°lga°rden Museum

Bora°s New Paper

En Tangsogade 4 Udstilling

Aichi Prefectural Museum

Van Abbe Museum 

Torque Metropolitano Museum

Yamagata pref

Aichi pref

Gifu pref

Kyoto pref

Kyoto city center

Osaka pref

Minokamo Civic Museum

Mino city

Minokamo city