Solo Exhibition

“Drawing Performance” , New York, U.S.A.

“Drawing of the sea” , Liverpool, UK.

“The Wall +The Cloud” , BOX Gallery, Nagoya.

“Rain Printing ” , Stuttgart, Germany.

“Drawing Performance- vol.2nd ” , New York, U.S.A.



“A Clay Work Project” , Calgary, Canada.

“Sea Drawing” , Los Angeles/San Francisco, U.S.A.

“Rain Drawing” , New York, U.S.A.



“New York Sound Drawing” , New York, U.S.A.

“A Clay Work Project” , The Pacific Ocean, Aichi. 

“A + A” , Gallery Coco, Kyoto.

“A Hyphen A- series” , Tukinoki Gallery, Osaka.

“Earth Drawing” , Bell Comons Gallery, Tokyo.

“Rain Printing” , Mt.Asama, Gunma.



“Open to eyes” ,  Gallery Coco, Kyoto.

“The Sun + The Sun” , Bell Comons Gallery, Tokyo.

“The World of Contemporary” , HABITAT, Tokyo.

“Printing series” , Art Space Niji, Kyoto.

“Rain Printing series” , Fine Art J1, Yokohama.

“Drawing series” , Bell Comons Gallery, Tokyo.

“Fire + Earth” , Tukinoki Gallery, Tokyo.



“Rain Printing” , BOX Gallery, Los Angeles, U.S.A.

“Painting and Drawing” , Los Angeles U.S.A.

“Sand Drawing + Performance” , Mt.Daisen, Totsutori.

“Rain Drawing” , Mt.Fuji, Shizuoka /Mt.Asama, Gunma.

“New York series” , Gallery Coco, Kyoto.

“Earth Drawing” ,  Tukinoki Gallery, Osaka.

“Fire , Wind and Earth” , City Center Hall, Osaka.

“A Cruiser Painting + Perfomance” , Sumoto YachtHarbour, Hyogo.



“A Clay Work Project” , Canadian Rockies, Canada.

“A Clay Work Project” , Mt.Asama , Gunma.

“A Clay Work Project” , Tenba Prefectural , Kyoto/ Hyogo.

“Contemporary Printing” , Photo Gallery : Sydney, Australia.

“Rain Drawing series ” , Ban Gallery, Osaka.

“Rain Drawing series ” , Gallery Coco, Kyoto.

“Rain Drawing series ” , Gallery Haku, Osaka.

“Sea Drawing +Perfomance” , Ise Shima , Mie./ Kata, Wakayama.



“Video Perfomance : The Earth” , Contemporary Arts Center,  Osaka.

“Earth + Rain -series” , Shinanobashi Gallery,  Osaka.


“Sound Snow ” , Baton Hall , Hyogo.

“Drawing & Object” , studio M,  Kyoto.

“A Clay Work Project” ,Mt.Abu, Osaka.

“Soil Printing ” , Kantou region, Chiba , Tokyo , Gunma , Osaka.

“Rain Printing + Drawing” , Gallery Takarashi , Tokyo.

“A Clay Work Project : Miyazu” , The Japan sea, Kyoto.

“A Clay Work Project” , Germany , Italy and U.K.



“Wind and Soil in South Africa” , Ghana



“A Clay Work Project” , Stuttgart, Germany.

“A Clay Work Project” , Wales, U.K.



“A Clay Work Project” , Wakayama , Kyoto , Shiga ,Hyogo ,Nagano.  

“Rain Printing series” , Miyazaki Gallery , Osaka.

“A Clay Work Project” , Miyazaki Gallery , Osaka.



“A Clay Work Project” , The Japan sea , Hyogo.

“Painting And Drawing” , Miyazaki Gallery , Osaka.

“A Clay Work Project” , The Pacific Ocean , Hotsukaidou.

“A Clay Work Project” , The Japan sea , Touhoku , Tokyo , Kanagawa.

“A Clay Work Project” ,  The Pacific Ocean , Aichi.

“A Clay Work Project” ,  The Pacific Ocean , Mie.

“A Clay Work Project” ,  Nagano , Guma , Gifu , Shiga , Kyoto .



“Contemporary Artist In The World ” ,  Kyoto History Museum , Kyoto.

“Jazz Festival : Nakayama Shouji Award”, Nakanoshima Hall , Osaka.

“Rain Printing+Drawing ” ,  Curio Gallery , Hotsukaido.



“Rain Printing ” ,  Midnight Journal , NHK TV.

“A Clay Work Project” ,  Tanba Prefectural , Kyoto / Hyogo.

“Jazz Festival : Nakayama Shouji Award” ,  Blue Note : `95~01.

“Geluid van de maan” ,  Seisei Gallery , Nagoya.

“A Clay Work Project+Performance” ,  Ehime, Tokushima , Kouchi , Kagawa.

“Rain Printing +Drawing” ,  Mt.Kagu , Nara / Mt.Hiei , Kyoto.



“Kunst Van Kunst” ,  Masereel Gallery , Belgium.

“Geluid van de  wind” ,  Lichtaart , Tielen Belgium.

“Het Biotoop” , `S-Hertgenbosch  ,Netherlands.

Rain Printing+Performance” ,  Geer , Kasterlee  Belgium.

Geluid van de maan” ,  Seisei Gallery , Nagoya.



“Sound of the Moon” , Tielen Lichtaart, Belgium / Eindhoven, Holland.

“Experimental Music of John Cage and the study” , Shertogenbosch, Holland/Antwerp, Belgium.

“Works in Belgium” , Frans Masereel Gallery, Kasterlee, Belgium.



“Geluid van wind-Primal Scene of the Sound” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“Sound from Zero” ,Shertogenbosch, Holland/Antwerp, Belgium.

“Geluid van nul-Sound of Zero” , Habitat Gallery, Tokyo.

“Sound of Nature A DEFORCE+S.RENSHAW Collaboration” , Kyoto. 

“Het Biotoop” ,Tennouzan Mt.Ogura , Kyoto.

“Luisteren naar de wind” ,Enshunada sea ,Aichi.



“Geluid van het hout-Sound of Wood” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“Werken van Kasterrlee” ,Asahi evening news.

“Luisteren naar de het Maan” ,NHK BS TV.

Werken van kunst” ,Frash Art Euro ; Kunst.

“Drawing Performance” ,Aichi Children's Center , Aichi.

“Het Biotoop beschutting” ,Aichi Children's Center , Aichi.

“Drawing+ Performance project”,Eindhoven , Netherlands.

“Drawing+ Performance project”, 'S-Hertogenbosch , Netherlands.



“De zwaarkoffer 48e - the sky in the territory” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“Nature Wonderland by Takeshi Shinohara” , International Youth Park, Aichi.

“Territory of Space” , Rihga Royal Gallery, Osaka.

“Exchange to the sea”,EX Aichi , Aichi.

“Japan Foundation regional Art-Activites”,News letter to Crew.


“Het Biotoop beschutting”,Lichaart Tielen , Belgium.



“Works in Flanders “, Gent, Belgium/ Eindhoven, Holland.

“Hoewel het onmogelijk is,moet ik het proberen- Paradox of Twins” . Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“Te ter aan vertrekpunt” , Damme, Belgium/Rengenbosch, Holland.

“Werken van te Benelux” , Geer , Kasterlee ,Belgium.

“Video Performance” ,Bruxelles , Cent , Antwerpen , Tournai ,Belgium.

“Drawing+ Performance project”,  Eindhoven , Zaanse , Schans , Netherlands.

“Staircase Project” , Japanese Garden, Hyogo.

“Het Biotoop beschutting”,Lichaart Tielen , Kasterlee ,Belgium.



“TIDAL WAVE-Traveling toward the ray of light", Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“Het Biotoop beschutting”,Mino , Gifu.

“Video Performance” ,Berlin ,Germany.



“Percolation +the principles of equivalence/water mark-series” ,Galerie Ando/ Gallery Apa, Aichi.

“ Haase of the Moon” , F.M.S. Gallery, Kasterlee, Belgium.

“Sound Domain” ,Cologne ,Berlin ,Germany.

“Jazz Festival : 10th memorial trophy exhibition” ,Sankei Hall , Osaka.

“Pour water over the sky” ,INFORM Gallery ,Ishikawa.

“shinohara Takeshi's world” ,Gallery Apa, Aichi.

“Circulation+Undulation : V.D. Kunst” , Studio Het Hout, Kyoto.



“Circulation+Undulation” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“Circulation+UndulationⅡ” , Gallery Naufu, Gifu.

“Jazz Festival” , Blue Note.

“Undulation+Approximate : V.D. Kunst” , Studio Het Hout, Kyoto.

Het Biotoop beschutting” , The Japan sea, Totsutori.



“De waarde van een plazats- Value of Realm” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.



“CONVERTEERBAARHEID VAN PLAATS EN KWANTITEIT-N°O1 Convertibility of Field and Quantity No.1 “,Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“OMVADLNG AV PLATS OCH KWANTIET” , A°lga°rden konstna¨rernas Museum,Sweden.

“ OMVADLNG AV PLATS OCH KVANTITET” , En Tangsogade 4 udstilling, Denmark.

“OMVADLNG AV PLATS OCH KVANTITET” , Bora° Bridge, Sweden/Denmark.



“CONVERTEERBAARHEID VAN PLAATS EN KWANTITEIT-N°O2 Convertibility of Field and Quantity No.2” ,Galerie Ando,Tokyo.

“Takeshi Shinohara- Biotope Shelter” , Minokamo City Museum, Gifu.

“CONVERTEERBAARHEID VAN PLAATS EN KWANTITEIT Convertibility of Field and Quantity” , Gallery Ray, Aichi.



“CONVERTEERBAARHEID VAN PLAATS EN KWANTITEIT-N°O3 Convertibility of Place and Quantity No.3” ,Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“Doxa & Episteme”  Tokyo University Hongo Campus, Tokyo.



“WHITE NOISE” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

“behind the seen - Secrets of Artistic Creation” , Tokyo University Komaba Museum, Tokyo.



“WHITE NOISE Contemplated retroactive concept” , Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

" Cirulation +Unducation " Feel art zero Gallery, Aichi.




" solo exhibition" Gallery Naufu, Gifu. 2011 “buds in helsinki ” Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

" Buds in helsinki " Feel art zero Gallery, Aichi.



" Leva-me pra Lua " Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

"Workshop: Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo and The University of Tokyo cooperation project "(Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo)

" Cirulation ” Gallery Naufu, Gifu.



" Derivation " Galerie Ando, Tokyo. 

" Derivation " Feel art zero Gallery, Aichi.



" maan onder de maan-n°01 " Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

" maan onder de maan " En Tangosogade 4 udstillin, Denmark.

" solo exhibition" Gallery Naufu, Gifu.



" reconstruction of the moon " Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

" You'd be so nice to come home to" Humlum, Nørre Snede. vorgad-Barde og sdr, Nissum.

" solo exhibition" Feel art zero Gallery, Aichi.



"sublime in phenomenon " Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

" solo exhibition" Gallery Naufu, Gifu.



"viside arbitrary language "Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

" solo exhibition" Feel art zero Gallery, Aichi.



"the critical point of vapor "Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

" solo exhibition" Gallery Naufu, Gifu.



"continuous image -n°01 "Galerie Ando, Tokyo.

"Image of merkmal"Gallery Tomo, Kyoto.